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Boo! Sorry! Sorry! Sorry! Didn't mean to scare you. Please stop crying. I was going to tell you that the Steam halloween sale is now on. But if I scared you that easily then maybe you shouldn't play all those spooky games. But I think some people on Half-Life Fallout might be interested, so I'll post that on the front page.
Kotaku has an article out explaining why Valve has fallen behind in providing customer service:


"I think it's technically gotten a little worse on the user side of things [since the last time we talked]—at least, overall in terms of current ticket times,"
Team Fortress 2 has been with us for so many years but Valve (and the community) are still making some great update events for it! Prepare to get spooked in this UFO themed event with new maps, weapons... and hats to get you to boot up Team Fortress 2 again! Take a look at the details here.
Its that time of the year where we play together like the good o'l times, those of us who are still alive of course, he he, GET IT, STILL ALIVE? yeah... okay...

We have the whole weekend, just join our group steam chat, or post in this thread, there is also #hlfallout on gamesurge for those special idlers

Its up to you to decided what will be next weekends game to play. Games should be under $20 USD and suggestions are welcomed. Now Play Un-nice and Vote Now , Vote Often!
Remember Half-Line Miami? sure you do, we talked about it in june...are you off your meds again? oh jeez...
But no matter, for videogames will save you! This videogame in particular is of the free fan-made unlicensed variety, mixing the gruesome 2D gameplay of Hotline Miami with the Gravity grapplingest HEV suit wearinggest mutest hero there is, our very own Gordon Freeman!

Included in this great package are 8 HL2 inpsired levels, a bouncy new soundtrack and even a level editor!