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It's over lads and lassies. :(

Mark Laidlaw released the script for Half-life Episode 3 on GitHub and on his personal website.

RIP Half-life 1998 - 2017
Even after all these years, apparently Valve still care about our beloved Half Life game. Now I don't know if this means that the release of Half Life 3 is imminent, but we can sure hope! So without further ado, a changelog for j00. QuoteChanges in this update are: Fixed crash when entering certain malformed strings into the game console. Thanks to Marshal Webb from BackConnect, In...
Sunday 2017-06-11
10 AM Los Angeles | 1 PM New York | 7 PM Amsterdam

We all fondly remember iSketch, delightful little "guess my drawing" game, gaming suitable for old men like us.
Sadly, using shockwave, it used to be a pain to get running. Today in 2017, it finally just does not run anymore. So RIP iSketch, you will be missed.
So then, we have found a reasonable replacement, not as good, but kinda nice, and completely deserted, just like HLF. Soulbrothers.
There appears to be an exodus at Valve. Chetz Faliszek announced on tweeter that Jay Pinkerton will leave Valve. Jay started working at Valve in 2008 as a writer during the launch of the Orange Box, worked on "Meet the..." videos, developed several of the TF2 Comics and co-wrote the story for Portal 2. He has yet to post a reason for his departure.

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