2017/11/17 22:04:47
Guillermo^I remember the good old days of downloading EarthWorm Jim episodes off FTP servers way back in the very early 2000s
hobbwhy would I pay $20 a month to pirate stuff
hobbwell that's the thing
hobbbut then you have to pay a indexer (basically a tracker) to give you let you actually get anything
hobbso it's like, am i misunderstanding this or is it really this bad?
sui_unoi know they have clients
sui_unooh god
sui_unono thanks
Inimpoor sui, not realizing usenet has evolved past its stage in 1990
Inimalso, hobb, you don't HAVE to pay for an indexer. It's a luxury I'd highly recommend though
Inimor your indexer can do it for you
Inimit'll even automatically search for new episodes when the time comes each day/week