2017/12/20 11:39:47
Brumisatorwhy even bother being a religion if you're not going to try and make people afraid and opressed in some way?`
Brumisatorman, I was going to make a 2D6 joke before you answered
BrumisatorSCRUB OF SCRUBS likes one of your tracks, Sound Of Fallout
Brumisatoryou don't like that track
brumi-phoneinteresting to see my own mobile connection so stable
Brumisatorone of the ads before the movie yesterday was from...the lutheran church
Brumisatorthey used to be the official organization in cahrge of keeping track of the population, and shit
BrumisatorI'd say it's sad, but this church has just nothing going for it
Brumisatorrussian orthodox and catholics have beautriful churches, entertainingly weird views on societal issues
Brumisatorso architecture is out
Brumisatorhell, prists can be women!