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We've had our own Discord server since 2016, and it's been relatively hopping, while IRC has been dying. And now it's time for the coup de grâce.

Traditions are all well and good, but with a busted bot and better service elsewhere, we have now officially abandoned IRC.
HLF discord has a new bot, and a good amount of live people, so join in on the fun and receive your own custom title!

I have heard your complaints and decided enough is enough, I have fixed HLFBot- to finally update the front page with the latest irc messages from our own little chat room on

Please visit us and see your comments memorialized for all to see!

Thank you for your patience
The voice actor for Dr. Eli Vance, Black Mesa's resident chief advocate for testing under safe operating levels and underground resistance leader", Robert Guillaume has passed away.

Robert Guillaume had an extensive career that spanned over 50 years, he is also fondly remembered for lending his voice to Rafiki from The Lion King. He passed away due to prostate cancer at the age of 89
It's been a decade since the initial release of Team Fortress 2 and what better way to celebrate than to release a new update with an original map plus community crafted ones, weapons, taunts and alongside a video featuring the charismatic Saxton (Australia!) Hale doing what he does best.
Life got you down? The wife left you and your dog pooped on the carpet? Do you yearn for a simpler time, when you could just sit in a dark room, carefree, basking in the lovely glow of a CRT monitor, thwacking headcrabs with a low poly crowbar?

Boy do have the escapist solution for you! Check out this single player Half-Life mod: Half-Life: C.A.G.E.D.