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After 19 years, German's can now see what the world already knew about: there is blood and gore in Half Life!

Yes, the German government believed in protecting young impressionable minds by censoring all the naughty bits in Half Life. Enemy soldiers turned into robots, missing gibs, aliens disappearing into the aether and worse offense of all was scientists and barney's giving a disapproving gesture when you tried to kill them for loot and/or pleasure.

Surely everyone remembers Freeman's mind? A series of videos depicting what goes on inside Gordon Freeman's brain while he slaughtered alien hordes in Black Mesa?
Well April's fool or not, it's back with Half-Life 2! Here's hoping this episode won't be a drop in the ocean, and that we'll see the rest of HL2 in glorious grating inner monologue from the man himself, Ross whatshisface.
I asked our very own connoisseur of comicks boox (sp?) Mr_Filament to review the new Chapter of A Place in the West, out tomorrow, thursday 2.2.2017 on Steam for all to read. Enjoy:

UPDATE 2017-03-02: It's finally out on Steam.
Kids, its that time again. We need to keep HLFallout alive, but we cannot do that with blood, sweat and tears alone, apparently Corporate America says it has no cash value, so with that, we need your support in the form of hard cash.
Half-Life: A Place In The West is a fan-made passion project, more specifically a burgeoning series of comic books. Remember those garbage old Garry's mod comics from 10 years ago? You can forget about those as this here is the real deal, with hand-drawn artwork, original characters, a real plot, proper grammar, and everything!

I was going to write an in-depth review, but I decided to keep it spoiler free in order to entice more potential readers towards the actual work on display. In short, go read it now, it's free and good.