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Paris bombings

Ivan the Space Biker's Personal Aid

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#1 Posted 20 November 2015 - 03:19 AM

I guess hlfallout is less politically involved lately, so I thought it would be a good time to discuss the Paris bombings.

The whole world spent a few days mourning the loss of lives, recovering from the shock of terrorism harboring in their backyard.

I cant help but feel a bit disensitized about the whole thing. Being from Mexico, and seeing the relentless drug lords causing 9/11 amount of slayings each year, i find the Paris bombings to be nothing more than another day in the world. Those who mourn that arent related to the victims are living in a little fantasy bubble where they have some right to everlasting peace.

Now that the US is moving towards a 9/11 panic since the attacks, the next president is channeling bushims that will surely leave the world engaged in perpetual warfare.

Please, no fallout jokes...
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Colonel Benefactor

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#2 Posted 20 November 2015 - 05:20 PM

It's a big tragedy that what happenend. More than a 100 people shot dead by some crazy ass fanatics.
The 2nd terrorist attack in Paris in 2015, the first was a more "planned attack", they 'only' killed the charlie hebdo staff.
This time it was just an attack to make as many (innocent) victims as possible.

It's logical that you hear alot about it now, nations mourning, leaders with though words, people sharing meaningfull facebook profile pictures
You know Europe has been pretty peacefull since 1945, probably one of the safest continents to be in (and still is). Maybe a few small terrorist attacks, a few large ones, some cival wars and genocides in the Balkans.
But now a terrorist organization strikes in the "heart" of Europe, an orginazation that we've been hearing from in the news since the last few years almost daily, fighting their war somewhere far away.
And now they are trying to destroy our 'peacefull' (quotation marks because almost every European country is fighting a war that is a thousand kilometers from their own borders) society.

I totally agree and understand that for you, and millions other people who have to deal with terrible violence in their countries see it as another day in the world.

It's also the media that is making it look like whole Europe is mourning and scared and what not. People here (except Paris probably) are still living their daily lives, as there is nothing else to do.
Still it's a dreadful tragedy, and I'm hoping for a day all the violence in the world will end.

Also I wouldn't call it bombings but a instead a terrorist attack, there were a few small bombs, but most people died because they got shot mercyless and had nowhere to run.

Mr Macintosh

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#3 Posted 20 November 2015 - 06:39 PM

Yeah its just put everyone on edge here... sadly leads to quite a bit of racism towards muslims. Even going to London in the summer I had the fear in the back of my mind because its just so un predictable on where the next attack could be.

Seems like these attacks are coming to the point where a lot more action is been taken against these terrorists wonder when its going to end hopefully this doesn't keep happening for years on end.
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