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A Place in the West - Chapter 2


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#1 Posted 01 February 2017 - 02:57 PM

I asked our very own connoisseur of comicks boox (sp?) Mr_Filament to review the new Chapter of A Place in the West, out tomorrow, thursday 2.2.2017 on Steam for all to read. Enjoy:


So before I go on to the review of the lastest issue of "A Place in the West", I'd like to say a few words about "canon".

Canon exists solely as a set of rules to follow to avoid having conflicting stories. Reading "A Place in the West", I firmly believe it should be taken as a "canon" story. However, the truth is that canon doesn't matter. We're enjoying a story set in a universe we love, and that's really all the matters. As we are currently in a decade long drought of "official" media, I am reminded of the similar predicament Doctor Who found itself in. In the early 90s, the TV series was canceled, leaving many disappointed. While the books and comics continued, fans that wanted more came together and started doing audio dramas with their own versions of The Doctor. Fast forward about 15 years or so, and Doctor Who is back on TV, with a number of people working on it that had worked on the fan audio dramas in the past. Eventually, Big Finish was founded, again with veterans of the fan works, and both new audio dramas and remakes of the old fan ones were (and still are to this day) produced but this time with BBC's blessing and the actual actors working on them

So when it comes down to it, if you feel you can't enjoy something because it isn't "official", just remember the word "canon" isn't a mark making some things better than others, it's just a series of rules to follow if you want to avoid story conflicts

If you haven't already, please make sure to check the extras tab and read "The Charnel House", as it explains a bit from the previous issue.

A Place in the West has so far been visually stunning, but the last issue left me a bit confused. I had thought the large, pink tendrils that were wrapped around the magically appearing Citadel were just strands of energy, but apparently not, it was some kind of interdimensional octopus.

To start, we're given more background about Albert's relationship with his daughter, followed by what appear to be hints that Leyla and Dreyfuss haven't exactly told the entire truth about their mission. We then meet the people in charge of "New Franklin", and by all accounts it's one of the last bastions of human civilization. We learn quickly that beneath the surface something sinister is lurking (possibly literally).

We're treated with some character development, backstory and ultimately an ominous ending to this issue and I'm still hooked.

So get out there and download the latest issue and enjoy what I hope is the start of many more high quality stories to come
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