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Icon   they see me rollin if you are reading this, you are wasting your time.

About Me

i have really murdered 4 friends of my
and i know what im talking about, im talking about gun-things

mr1 is walkin in the woods and thinking about heroin and guns
when mr2 walks too and they meet there. mr1 has used a lots of heroine
that day and mr2 has used a lot guns today. mr1 thinks that
friend is his idol. mr2 is thinkin a lots of gun-things sametime, he thinks
about a big gun.
1: i have a lot of guns and heroine today here with me right now
2: i have many bags of uranium and other chemical weapons at my house,
lets go there
1: i'll go first, i have a big hand gun, i shoot all people at the road
when we r travelling to your household

at mr2:s home
2: i have only one bag of uranium left as you see (pointing mr1 with a
machinegun) i need more and you have to get it for me you are my slave!
1: i want heroin
2: i want to kill
1: i have some uranium at my underwater-home where i keep all my guns and
heroin and all answers for my heroin-questions written in a little
pieces of white paper. lets go there
2: i stay here, you go and get all uranium and other chemical weapons here
1: i piss now i piss to your bomb. then i can go

at mr1:s underwater-home
1: mother and father where is my uranium bag and all my older guns and
other criminal things?
mother: they are at ice-box right here right
father: **** you bitch! why have you put my son's weapons to ice,
they are broken and useless now! (shoots mother to heart and runs
to basement)
1: dear father! bring my drugs and police-corpses from there i have to
make some uranium!
father: i will bring anything you want because i
love you!
father comes out from basement and gives mr1 a lot of drugs
and biochemical weapons and all kinds of big guns and little guns
and knives and guns and a bomb.
father: son, can i ask you one question?
1: sure you can dear father i love you
father: do you have some problems with your criminal-friends have you
stolen something? i have stolen a lot of guns today
1: no i dont have problems father i have heroin
mr1 points his dear father with a big handgun and pulls the trigger.

back at mr2 home
mr2 is sleeping in his bed
mr1 points his mr2 with a big handgun and pulls the trigger and mr1 uses
heroin and other criminal things like guns and then he stoles some
usefull murderergloves from mr2 got to murder!

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